The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

4 min
February 12, 2020

After checking in I was shown to the Spa area of the Retreat where the treatments available were explained to me by a charming therapist. I was first given a wristband which allowed me to enter the spa and Ritual area. This allows you to charge items to your account as well as giving you access to the spa and the lagoon areas. I was also given slippers and a bathrobe to wear whilst at the Retreat and advised to put conditioner in my hair before entering the lagoon. Once changed I headed to the Retreat lagoon.

Although it is cold when you first take off your bathrobe to enter the lagoon you soon forget about it once you slip into the warm blue waters. The first lagoon is where you can have your complimentary drink so after perusing the menu I chose Champagne, of course! There were many choices, from beer to wine to non-alcoholic cocktails, something for everybody’s tastes. What a delight it was to be sipping cold champagne whilst in the soothing, silky warm waters of the lagoon.

After finishing my drink and having warmed up nicely I decided to explore the rest of the Retreat lagoon. There were lots of levels accessed by stairs or walkways and it was easy to find a secluded spot to just float about and let the cares of the day float away. After about an hour I decided it was time to explore further.

After showering I made my way to the Ritual area passing the spa treatment rooms, the indoor lagoon pool and the sauna. The lighting is dimmed in the Ritual area enhancing the feeling of peace and tranquility. It was time to experience the Ritual. The Ritual is a cycle of well-being treatments based on the Blue Lagoon’s trinity of natural wonders: silica, algae, and minerals. There are three interconnected chambers with each one offering a different treatment. In the first I was handed a small bowl filled with silica, the lagoons iconic mineral which helps to cleanse and strengthen your skin. I had to apply this all over my body and then sit and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. After this it was time to move onto the next chamber.

After showering under the rainwater shower I was then handed my second bowl by the therapist, who went on to explain the properties of this particular treatment. This contained the Blue Lagoon’s mixture of seawater and algae which renews and moisturisers your skin. Again, I applied this all over my body and relaxed for 10 minutes to let it dry. I was offered the most delicious herbal tea during this process, very welcome after being in the lagoon. After this it was time to move onto the final chamber.

Again I showered before entering this last chamber. Upon entering a therapist handed me my last bowl of the Ritual. This contained minerals mixed with geothermal sea water which I applied to my whole body again. This treatment is for exfoliation and to rejuvenate your circulation. It certainly did that but in a very pleasant way. Again I sat for a few minutes to let the mineral paste work its magic before showering.

The very last part of the Ritual is the application of the oils to moisturise your whole skin. The oil was beautiful and very aromatic. Again I applied it to my skin rubbing it in really well. I have to say I don’t think my skin has ever been so smooth and moisturised, and it smelled good too!

Afterwards I felt like relaxing just a little more so headed to the sauna where I sat in complete silence for a good 10/15 minutes just watching the calming lagoon waters. I was probably the most relaxed I had been in a long while.

Sadly I then had to leave to catch my flight back to the UK. I was sorry to hand back my wristband and would gladly have stayed for days.

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