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Understanding the Solar Maximum: A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Activity

Understanding the Solar Maximum: A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Activity

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Introduction: The Sun, our nearest star, plays a crucial role in shaping our solar system. It undergoes various cycles of activity, one of which is known as the solar maximum. If you've ever wondered what the solar ...

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Visiting the Fagradalsfjal eruption on a Iceland Trip

Visiting the Fagradalsfjal eruption on a Iceland Trip

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I was overly-excited as I flew to Iceland to experience the top thing on my bucket list which was a volcanic eruption. It had been a stressful time leading up to this Iceland trip. The eruption started whilst the UK was ...

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Witnessing the northern lights in their full glory must rank as one of the most amazing life experiences for anyone who has had this privilege. If you are planning a northern lights holiday then you may find our information hub particularly useful as questions like What are the northern Lights? Where can I see the northern lights and when is the best time to see the northern lights? are all answered.

We hope we can help you create your dream northern lights holiday.

Over 15 years we have built up an enviable reputation as one of the leading northern lights holiday companies. We specialise in 2 countries which offer contrasting experiences. Sweden provides the traditional holiday with snow sports like husky driving and snowmobiling while Iceland provides one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth to explore. Volcanoes, waterfalls, whales and open vistas are what thrill the senses on a super jeep or self-drive adventure.

Sweden is home to one of the most recognised northern lights holiday destinations on earth – Abisko. We pioneered Abisko as a northern lights holiday destination and still offer market leading breaks to this premier aurora destination. Sweden is also home to the original ICEHOTEL which is now 30 years young. If you are visiting Swedish Lapland on a northern lights holiday then you must try to see this amazing structure even if the thought of a night staying in one of its amazing art suites does not appeal.

We have worked with many local partners since we launched 15 years ago and are proud to offer some of the best places to stay in the region. Besides Abisko Mountain Lodge and the ICEHOTEL we offer the home away from home Máttaráhkká Northern Lights Lodge, Pine Bay Lodge, Arctic Gourmet wilderness cabins, Tree Hotel and Arctic Retreat. In many cases we can offer exclusive use of lodges for our guests. As we do so many special occasion wedding anniversary or birthday celebrations our clients value having a private retreat so do let us know if this is what you are looking for. Our breaks are designed to give you the best of what the region has and we offer action packed breaks where we endeavour for you make the most of your time on your northern lights adventure.

If it’s the Lapland experience you are looking for then Swedish Lapland should be high on your list. It is the less developed of the Nordic countries from a tourism point of view which means you can enjoy more exclusive wilderness experiences.

Whether you are looking for a 3 night action packed short break or a longer northern lights holiday spanning 2 weeks and several destinations we offer a choice of bucket list breaks.

To spend time in the northern lights capital of Abisko see our breaks

To experience the original ICEHOTEL or the unique TREEHOTEL  see our choice of breaks

We offer a range of classic short breaks that are designed to give you a high impact northern lights holiday whilst staying in some of the best northern lights destinations in Swedish Lapland. See our range of breaks.

If you are looking for something just that little bit special then take a look at our Exclusive Retreats.

Whilst many people’s initial thoughts are of a mid-winter break to see the northern lights they are visible from September through to early April and the autumn is a superb time to visit. A self-drive holiday at this time allows you to explore the vast landscapes and appreciate the majestic Fall colours.

Finally if you are thinking that you may only visit Scandinavia once in your life and want to see and do as much as possible then take a look at our epic multi country northern lights breaks. These combine Sweden with Iceland and parts of Norway. Iceland offers a wonderful contrast to Swedish Lapland for anyone planning a northern lights holiday. As the world’s youngest country in Geological terms it is truly a land of fire and ice.

We offer holidays in 2 parts of the country – The North and South West !

Reykjavik, Iceland’s vibrant capital city is in the south and with so many flight connections is easily accessible from many European countries as well as US cities. Our Breaks in the south in most cases combine experiencing Reykjavik with northern lights hunting in the south of Iceland away from any artificial light and in an area renowned as Iceland’s best for consistent sightings.

We have breaks that provide you with the opportunity of staying at remote wilderness cabins or if you prefer hotel accommodation then the celebrated Hotel Ranga is an excellent base for a northern lights holiday.

Exploring the Golden Circle featuring the Gulfoss waterfall, Pingvellier National Park and the celebrated erupting Geysir are a must for any first time traveller to Iceland. There is also the world famous Blue Lagoon where you can relax in geothermal waters and whale watching off the coast. We work with the best guides in South Iceland to provide you with both day time and northern lights explorations in specially adapted Super jeeps that allow you to get out and experience the awe inspiring beauty that is Iceland.

North Iceland remains largely undiscovered and provides wilderness on a different scale.  It is possible to do both husky and snowmobile adventures in the north as well as soak up the geothermal waters at the Myvatn Baths. If travelling in Autumn then a trip to the Askja volcanic crater is a must. North Iceland around the port of Husavik, is the whale watching capital of Europe. If you are planning a midnight sun holiday or an autumn northern lights holiday then a day out searching for Humpback whales is a must!

Finally we combine Iceland with  Sweden and Norway to provide some epic multi country aurora hunting journeys. So if you plan to Visit Sweden or Iceland on your next northern lights holiday then the team at The Adventure Tour Company’s Aurora nights would be delighted to provide you with the insights and use of our skills and contacts to create a once in a lifetime northern lights holiday.

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