Northern Lights Holidays to Norway

Travel to extraordinary destinations — like Svalbard, Tromsø, Senja and Lofoten — where the northern lights shine brightest. And embark on aurora hunting excursions, accompanied by our expert northern lights guides.

Ready to plan an unforgettable northern lights holiday? Whether you want to book a weekend break, a city break, a family holiday or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Aurora Nights team can build a bespoke northern lights holiday just for you.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is Norway a good place to see the northern lights?

Norway is an excellent place to see the northern lights. Northern Norway lies within the aurora zone. It has low levels of light pollution and enjoys long dark nights. This makes it an ideal location for aurora hunting.

Our northern lights tours in Norway take in the best aurora destinations. You can fly to Tromsø. Then, travel to dark sky destinations like Svalbard (just 1500 km from the North Pole), Senja Island, the Lofoten Islands, Vesterålen and the Lyngen Alps.

What can I see and do on northern lights holidays to Norway?

There’s so much to see and do on northern lights tours in Norway. Depending on your tour and the time of year you visit, you can choose from the following:

  • Embark on a whale-watching tour around the fjords. See magnificent orca, humpback and sperm whales in their natural habitat.
  • Try your hand at mushing on a husky sled expedition to a glittering ice cave. Or experience the thrill of riding a snowmobile over Norway’s icy tundra.
  • Delight in the quiet of the Arctic wilderness on a snowshoe excursion. And indulge in complete relaxation back at the hotel spa, sauna or hot tub.
  • Travel to the Lofoten Islands, with their spectacular scenery and colourful wooden houses. Explore the vibrant arts scene and taste Arctic delicacies.
  • Chase the aurora borealis in breath-taking settings. On an overnight cruise through the fjords, against a backdrop of the Lyngen Alps or reflected in the sea at Senja.
  • Journey into space at the Andoya Space Centre! Take part in an interactive visitor experience to learn more about the science of the aurora borealis.
  • Get to know Norwegian culture. Visit the Art Museum in Tromsø. Sample the wares at Mack Brewery. And take the cable car up Storsteinen Mountain for spectacular views of Tromsø and the surrounding fjords.

What’s included in your Norway northern lights holiday packages?

Our northern lights holiday packages to Norway include:

  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Half-board or full-board dining
  • Your choice of guided Arctic activities
  • Warm Arctic outerwear for relevant activities

We can tailor almost every Norway northern lights holiday. So let us know if you have your heart set on a particular activity or destination.

Please note, flights are not included in our holiday packages. But we can offer lots of advice on the best airlines and airports to use when travelling to Norway from the UK or the USA.

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When is the best time to visit Norway?

The Norway northern lights season lasts from September to March. This is when we get long, dark nights in the Arctic Circle.

March gives you the best chance of clear skies. But the winter months have longer, darker nights. In a far-north location like Svalbard, you don’t get any daylight during the depths of winter.

We can plan a trip to coincide with the whale-watching season in Norway. Or to ensure you see the Lofoten Islands in their golden autumn colours.

If you want winter activities, like husky sledding and snowmobiling, we can make sure that Norway is blanketed in snow for your visit.

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Can you guarantee that I’ll see the northern lights in Norway?

Unfortunately not. As a natural phenomenon, the northern lights are notoriously unpredictable. But we do everything we can to maximise your chances of seeing this spectacular natural light show.

Our hotels and lodges offer aurora wake-up calls. We plan exciting night time aurora adventures, where you travel to remote locations with very little light pollution.

What’s more, our guides in Norway are northern lights experts. They use aurora and weather forecasts, plus their in-depth knowledge of the local area, to find the best aurora locations each night.

Why book northern lights holidays to Norway with Aurora Nights?

The Aurora Nights team has been travelling to Norway for years. We know the region’s accommodation, activities and northern lights experiences inside out. So when you book Norwegian northern lights holidays with Aurora Nights, you can count on:

  • Exceptional experiences — the very best accommodation and activities, with private or small group tours as standard
  • Tailored trips — our travel experts create bespoke northern lights holidays to Norway, no need to follow someone else’s itinerary
  • Experienced local guides — our guides in Norway are brimming with local knowledge and skilled at tracking down the northern lights
  • A hassle-free holiday — we take the hassle of booking a holiday off your hands, so you can relax and look forward to your Arctic adventure

Whether you book a classic short break, an escorted tour or a luxury northern lights holiday in Norway, the Aurora Nights team is here to help you realise the trip of your dreams.

Can I book a Tromsø northern lights tour?

Yes! Tromsø — nicknamed the Paris of the North — is a great place to see the northern lights. And we offer several Tromsø northern lights tours.

On these city break tours, you can enjoy Tromsø by day, then head out into the northern Norwegian wilderness by night. Here, you have an excellent chance of seeing the aurora borealis.

Want to stay in Tromsø for the whole of your trip? Or prefer to combine this city with other Norwegian destinations? We can tailor a northern lights tour that meets your requirements.

Can I visit Svalbard on a Norway northern lights trip?

Yes, Svalbard is one of the destinations included in our Norway northern lights tours.

Located close to the North Pole, this island offers an Arctic adventure like no other. A remote and pristine landscape. The stark beauty of glaciers and the frozen tundra. And the extended polar night, offering an excellent opportunity to see the aurora borealis.

Can I combine a trip to Norway with other destinations?

Absolutely. The Aurora Nights team can tailor your northern lights holiday to take in as many destinations as you like.

While in Norway, you can discover Tromsø, Oslo, Senja Island, Lofoten and Svalbard. You can also travel further afield, hunting the aurora across the Nordic nations.

We can plan a northern lights getaway that includes Norway and any of our other destinations:

Just tell us which countries you’d like to visit and we can suggest an itinerary.

How do I book my Norway northern lights trip?

To book your Norway aurora holiday, start by chatting with the Aurora Nights northern lights experts. You can send us an email, give us a call or fill in our website form. Once we have your details, we’ll be in touch to discuss dates, accommodation, activities and budget.


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