Multi-destination Northern Lights Hunting

Where can I see the Northern Lights?
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December 2, 2023

Northern lights over Lofoten. Norway

The beauty of this is that you get to witness the Aurora in a range of different settings, which can add dramatically to the appreciation of seeing one of nature’s most amazing natural marvels. Standing on a glacier with an open expanse of ice reflecting the Northern Lights, snowshoe walking in a pine forest with the treetops silhouetted by the radiant Auroras or sitting in a boat framed by mountains with the Auroras illuminating the snow-capped peaks all offer a completely different experience.

You will never forget the place you saw the Northern Lights from as they are framed in your memory by the location you were fortunate to see them in!

With improved communication routes opening up the possibilities of doing trips which combine different countries and environments you can plan incredible journeys that present you with different possibilities for seeing them.

Moving between Sweden, Norway and Finland is being made easier all the time so if you are thinking about seeing the Northern Lights from different standpoints you have a host of possibilities. The frozen seas of the Lulea Archipelago combine with the Pine Forests of Sweden or Finland. The mountainous area around Abisko works well with the fjords and peaks of the Norwegian Coast.

Iceland and Sweden are a popular Northern Lights Trip with a stopover in Stockholm in-between. You have an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights as well as a complete range of scenery from Volcanic to Fells and activities including SuperJeeps, husky sledding, snowmobiling and ice caves.

It is even possible to do all three countries in one journey! Combine the volcanic landscapes of Iceland with the Fjords of Norway and the Mountains of Sweden for the chance to see the Northern Lights in a multitude of different settings.

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