Practicalities of Visiting Arctic Regions

What should I think about when Planning a Northern Lights Trip?

To aid your planning of your Northern Lights Trip we have therefore written some articles which we hope will help you not only prepare for your Northern Lights Holiday, but also put your mind at rest so instead you can get excited about your trip to see the Aurora’s!

So if you are thinking about What do I wear when on a Northern Lights Holiday or What do I eat on a Northern Lights Holiday then these articles should help.

In Iceland and in Lapland in the autumn you are likely to be self-driving so here are some tips about Self driving on a Northern Lights Holiday in the different destinations as this is a super flexible way for you to travel around and enjoy all that is on offer including the Northern Lights. In Lapland and North Iceland we do not recommend self-driving in the winter as the conditions become too extreme and potentially dangerous.


Capturing the Magic: Photographing the Northern Lights

The memory of experiencing the Northern Lights swirling above you will remain with you forever but it is also great if you can capture that moment in a photograph. It would be fair to say that it can be challenging to take Northern Lights photographs with the effect of the cold on the camera, as well as taking photographs of something that is @ 500 miles above us in the darkness. The How do I photograph the Northern Lights article will steer you in the right direction to ensure you take the right camera and equipment, and then use the right settings whilst there. Sadly your iphone is not going to capture this phenomenal moment for you.

With such a choice of Northern Lights destinations and airlines it can be confusing working out which destinations are served from which airport and so the articles Where can I fly from in the UK to see the Northern Lights, and Which Airports in America can I fly from direct to see the Northern Lights should clarify for you and help you plan your journey.

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