My night in a Deluxe Art Suite at IceHotel 365

4 min
July 6, 2019

Upon arrival at the IceHotel we were shown around the 365 (I went in September before the winter IceHotel was built). At the entrance we were given special Arctic capes to wear as it’s incredibly cold once inside. Each room was stunning in its own right with the most amazing designs. In the 365 they have several Deluxe Art Suites and lots of Ice rooms, and a shared dressing area (for those not staying in a Deluxe Suite).

I was lucky enough to be staying in a Deluxe Art Suite which was a beautifully designed bed chamber with a sort of air-lock corridor between the bedroom and the dressing area. The dressing area was gorgeously warm with a relaxation area consisting of comfy chairs, wardrobe, shower, loo and sauna. The floor of the dressing area had underfloor heating which I imagine is fantastic in the winter. There is then a door which goes out of the back of the suite enabling you to exit the room to see the Northern Lights should they be displaying without having to use the main entrance.

I was then taken to the Ice Bar and given the most amazing cocktail in a glass also made of ice. Even in there it has the most spectacular ice carvings, a library (made of ice), seats, wall decorations and even a chandelier! After dinner at the Old Homestead, which was delicious, I then headed back to my Art Suite but not before a really good look for the Northern Lights. I’d been given a sleeping bag with an inner cotton bag and given instructions of how to dress for bed. Now, I’m a lady of a certain age and was actually looking forward to being cold (if you know what I mean) so once ready for bed in my nightie I managed, with difficulty, to get into the inner cotton bag and then into the sleeping bag. Stupidly I did not take my hat into the bedroom although I had been advised to wear it, thinking I wouldn’t need it. It had been a very long day with lots of travelling so I was quite tired. I managed to get off to sleep quite quickly but woke at some point with a very cold head. No matter how hard I tried I could not go back to sleep so consequently spent a long time berating myself for being so stupid as to not take my hat in!

When morning came it was lovely to go through the corridor to the dressing area and have a sauna and a nice hot shower. Afterwards the staff came round with hot lingonberry juice, very welcome! When I met up with my fellow travellers it transpired that one of our party had gone out to see the Northern Lights and forgotten to take his key to get back into the room! He spent quite a long time outside whilst waiting for someone to come from Kiruna to let him back into his Suite. He had a great time though and managed to capture some great Northern Lights images whilst we were all tucked up.

So what did I learn about my trip to Lapland and the IceHotel? Wear pyjamas (much more practical and warmer), wear a hat as advised (a must) and enjoy the most delicious food I think I’ve ever tasted. I would definitely recommend a stay in an Ice Suite; it’s a once in a lifetime treat and something to put on your bucket list! For our full range of Ice Hotel Northern Lights Holidays

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