Meet your Sami Reindeer Guide, Hakan

3 min
January 5, 2018

In summer Hakan is nowhere to be found as he spends a lot of his time in the expansive wilderness managing the herd. Whether this is the calving, marking (every Sami family has its own unique branding) or Corralling the reindeer to protect them from wild animals there always seems a lot to do!

Come winter when the Reindeer are brought together Hakan has for many years opened up his land to tourists to get a glimpse into the life of his people, he runs a very popular tour for Aurora Nights, focusing on the Northern Lights, and also teaching people about the Sapmi way of life. His remote location, on the way to Abisko, means that our clients often see the auroras from his wilderness Lavu (tepee).

Nowadays most of our clients will encounter Hakan on our day Sami Introduction tour where you will get to meet some of his reindeer and learn a bit about modern Sami living.

So, to spend time with Hakan, take a look at our Complete Arctic Winter Experience, the Northern Lights Grand Slam, ICE HOTEL and Complete Arctic Experience or the Family Half term Northern Lights adventure break.

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