Kent and Britta Lindvall, the founders of the Tree Hotel

3 min
June 5, 2018

There is some internal family debate as to who deserves the most credit for delivering this totally unique concept but the initial seed of the idea was conceived on some remote river bank whilst Kent was on a fishing trip with some friends in the wilds of the Russian Tundra!

We remember the early days of the Tree Hotel when it seemed more like media city! The world’s press seemed to descend on this remote corner of Swedish Lapland to get a glimpse of a hotel with rooms as evocative as the UFO, Birds nest, Mirror Cube and Dragon fly, all suspended in a Borreal forest!

While it was Kent’s vision, it is Britta’s infectious personality and care for the guests which make you realise that this is a “hands on” family business. While Britta has now stepped back from day to day involvement we still get to see Kent often on our trips to Sweden and on his regular trips to the UK.

Our journey with Kent started out with our Best of Lapland itinerary but has slowly broaden out to include our very popular ICE HOTEL and TREE HOTEL break as well as in our Autumn programme as part of a wonderful combination with Brandon Lodge and the Arctic Retreat.

Kent and Britta Lindvall and their flagship 7th room with a blazing aurora behind

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