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The Sorbyn Chill and Thrill Winter Package


Sorbyn Lodge is the ideal place for mixing relaxation with adventure, then add in some of the best fine dining too!

The property is introducing some brand new cabins for the winter season which we will be excited to share as soon as they are ready but for now this is based on staying in their hotel – a small and perfectly sized accommodation in an ideal spot for aurora spotting. What makes this a little different from other trips are the two private excursions included during the course of your stay.

Location Sweden
Duration 3 Nights
Available dates Dec - Mar
Price per person (excl. flights)
from £1,800



  • Escape to the peaceful location of Gunnarsbyn
  • Delicious food served on a full board basis
  • Winter activities to explore the surrounding nature
  • Evenings to look out for the aurora

What’s included

  • 3 Nights in a Double/Twin Room
  • Full Board
  • Winter Kit Hire
  • 3 excursions
  • Transfers

A note on flights

While flights are not included in the holiday price, our team will happily provide a quote and arrange them for you. Simply ask one of our Travel Experts for details of the available options.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive into Lulea and collect your transfer from the airport up to Sorbyn Lodge. Here you can check into your accommodation, collect your kit hire, and enjoy a relaxing evening with a delicious dinner – keeping an eye out for the aurora!

Day 2

Embark on an adventure through the snow-covered expanses of Sörbyn Lodge via snowmobiling—an exceptional mode of transport that unlocks hidden pathways and inaccessible regions. Glide across miles of terrain in mere moments, led by guides brimming with passion and profound knowledge of the area. As you traverse these landscapes, the guides serve as insightful companions, pointing out landmarks, sharing enthralling anecdotes about nature, history, and culture, and readily addressing your curiosities. Choose from nature tours lasting either 3 or 5 hours, each inclusive of safety gear, winter clothing, an option for lunch or fika, and accommodating two people per snowmobile unless opting for a single driver supplement.

These expeditions offer more than adventure; they present an exclusive chance to witness local wildlife like Reindeer and Moose in their natural habitats. The guides expertly navigate to prime locations, halting the snowmobiles to allow you to capture breathtaking photos and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds you.

Day 3

The air hums with excitement as a pack of exuberant huskies eagerly anticipates leading you through the snowy expanse. Their friendly nature matches your own exhilaration as you meet them. Following a brief introduction and safety instructions, the dogs are readied, and you assume your position on the sled, poised to guide the team through the magical landscape.

As the dogs surge ahead, their energy propels you forward, the wind rushing past your face while the enchanting scenery unfolds before your eyes. Traverse the pristine forests and frozen lakes, marveling at the glistening trees and tranquil rivers, creating an unforgettable experience amidst Lapland’s wilderness. The adventure offers different durations and options, from self-driving the sled to savoring lunch or fika. The huskies steal the spotlight with their playful spirits, ensuring this expedition remains etched in your memory forever.

Day 4

After breakfast you will be transferred back to the airport – but your adventure doesn’t have to end here! There are many places to combine this trip with such as the Arctic Bath, the Tree Hotel, Aurora Safari Camp, and even hopping on the train and heading to Jukkasjärvi to visit the Icehotel. Speak to one of the team if you wish to extend your stay.

Where You'll Stay

Sorbyn Lodge

Sörbyn Lodge is located beside a stunning lake in the magical forests of northern Sweden, approximately one hour drive from Lulea airport. Sörbyn Lodge is an authentic Scandinavian retreat surrounded by unspoilt Arctic nature.

The accommodation options include five timber cabins, alongside a main hotel which has eight double rooms, all with views of the surrounding nature, and include private bathroom, TV, free WiFi and breakfast. There are a host of winter activities available including husky sledding, ice sculpting, ice fishing, skiing, nature tours, snowshoeing and of course, Northern Lights tours and walks.

As the day unfolds, retreat to the comforting glow of a crackling open fire, indulge in soothing wood-fired sauna sessions, and savor forest cuisine crafted from freshly caught and foraged delights. Indulge in local cuisine at restaurant Kallkällan, celebrated for its exceptional locally sourced fare, featureing wild mushrooms, reindeer, cloudberries, local char, and other delectable seafood. Join the chef on foraging trips or step into the kitchen to witness the creation of culinary delights like local lamb with chanterelles and ceps.

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