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The Northern Norway Lodge Experience


Head to Northern Norway and experience a taste of Tromso before heading out to the Lyngen Alps.

Lyngen Experience Lodge, located in Northern Norway, is a boutique lodge that offers a unique Arctic experience. Situated in the picturesque Lyngen Alps, the lodge provides a stunning natural backdrop of mountains, fjords, and Northern Lights.

Location Norway
Duration 4 Nights
Available dates Feb
Price per person (excl. flights)
from £2,000



  • Experience some of the most jaw dropping scenery
  • Relax in a boutique lodge and enjoy a some epic activities
  • Spend the night in the famous Paris of the North

What’s included

  • Transfer from Tromso Airport to Tromso City Hotel
  • 1 night at Clarion Edge in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast
  • Transfer from Tromso to Lyngen Experience Lodge
  • 3 Nights at Lyngen Experience Lodge – Double Room on a Full Board Basis with Arctic Outer Clothing
  • Excusions included: Northern Lights Experience, Dog Sledding, and Snowmobile Experience
  • Transfer from Lyngen Experience Lodge

A note on flights

While flights are not included in the holiday price, our team will happily provide a quote and arrange them for you. Simply ask one of our Travel Experts for details of the available options.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive into Tromso where you will get your taxi transfer into the city known as the ‘Paris of the North’ – settle into your accommodation before taking the time to go and explore the city. Depending on what time you arrive we might be able to organise an excursion for you such as an Aurora Dinner Cruise!

Day 2

Spending the morning taking the time to explore Tromso – why not head up the cable cart to the one of the best viewpoints in Northern Norway (and most famously spotted in the recent ‘Race Around the World’ series. In the afternoon you will be picked up and transferred from Tromso to your acommodation for the next 3 nights – Lyngen Experience Lodge. The lodge is nestled by the fjords and by this time of the season it will be immersed in snow. Take some time to explore your surroundings before having dinner and heading out on a Northern Lights excursion to see if you get lucky with the aurora.

Day 3


Embark on an exclusive Arctic wilderness adventure with Tom-Frode Johansen’s renowned team.

This unforgettable journey entails exploring diverse terrains within a majestic landscape. The duration of the trip is approximately 4-5 hours, during which we will assess daily where the optimal dog sledding experience can be provided. It’s important to note that due to the length and challenging nature of the trails, participants should be in good physical condition. Along the way, we will take a brief break to build a fire, enjoy a cup of coffee, and indulge in some snacks.

Each individual will drive their own sled, accompanied by a small group of huskies leading the way. Prior to departure, you’ll have the opportunity to assist with adjusting the harnesses and warmly greet our Alaskan huskies. A remarkable bond forms between the huskies and the sleigh riders. You will swiftly learn how to guide and communicate with them, and if there’s one thing the huskies truly adore, it’s running and receiving affectionate embraces.

Prepare for a journey where you’ll experience the companionship of animals, breathtaking landscapes, and awe-inspiring vistas amidst the heart of the Lyngen Alps.

Day 4

Snowmobiling and Aurora Hut

Experience the thrill of a snowmobile safari in the stunning outer Lyngen region, embraced by the majestic Lyngen Alps.

Embark on a thrilling journey as you traverse the snowmobile trail, ascending the mountain. The trail commences with gentle and level paths, providing the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the snowmobile and unleash its potential for exploring this captivating wilderness.

Throughout the expedition, numerous stops will be made, allowing you to capture breathtaking photographs or simply immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s landscapes.

Witnessing the grandeur of the Alps while being in such close proximity to the sea is an extraordinary and impactful encounter.

Embrace the adventure in pairs, with the option to switch drivers midway if desired, ensuring everyone can savor the excitement of being at the helm.

Day 5

Enjoy a relaxed morning by further exploring the surroundings on snowshoes. Afterwards, return to Tromso, where you can catch a flight back home or venture to other destinations. There is an abundance of places awaiting you in this region of Norway, so make sure to reach out to one of our team members if you wish to extend your stay, whether it’s in Northern Norway or the country’s capital, Oslo.

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