Ylva Forssén Owner of Husky Home Kennels in Swedish Lapland

3 min
March 5, 2019

We first met Ylva in 2009. At this stage she was working for the mine in Kiruna in PR but had her own team of dogs which she used to race in some of the most prestigious races in Sweden.

She was waiting for the right opportunity to present itself and this duly occurred a few years ago when she met Peter who had his cabin deep in the Kalix river valley on the road to Nikkaloukta around 30 minutes from Kiruna. This one way in and one way out valley takes you to the base of Sweden’s largest mountains and is a wonderful location for husky sledding. The river is broad and forms lakes which all freeze in winter creating a great surface for driving a sled dog team. You will not encounter another person and the combination of super vistas and a genuinely remote location makes this a real Arctic wilderness experience.

Her kennel has around 40 happy dogs. I say happy because they are so well looked after. Our clients will get to know the dogs and will be surprised at just how orderly the kennel is. Most kennels are noisy places but Ylva’s is a place of controlled calm! Maybe it’s the female touch!

Our partnership with Ylva is centred on what our clients want to do with regards to creating special husky tours. You can combine huskies with Ylva with a stay at the ICEHOTEL or for something really special stay with our friends Johan and Malin at the Arctic Gourmet cabins. The combination of amazing husky experience, remote cabins and Johan’s excellent cooking is indeed unforgettable.

Ylva with Kevin at her kennels and out driving a team of 14 dogs – no mean feat!

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