Why Abisko is 1 of the world’s leading Northern Lights Trips Locations

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October 10, 2017

I would be a rich man if I had received a £ for every time a client asked me over the last 12 years ‘Where is the best place for seeing the northern Lights’. When put into a corner we have always recommended Abisko in Swedish Lapland for anyone planning to go once in their lifetime on a northern Lights holiday. Abisko lies in a ‘low precipitation’ zone resulting in an extraordinary number of clear nights every season, the perfect ingredient for Aurora Hunting.

However every destination needs to develop and grow and we believe Abisko will continue to be a leading Northern Lights Holiday destination for many years to come for 3 simple reasons:

  1. There is nowhere that we have found where almost 90% of our clients each season realise their dream of seeing the northern lights. As the saying goes ‘Class is permanent’ and for this reason alone its future is secure. This is supported by more and more experience providers making Abisko their home thus allowing us to constantly provide new and exciting itineraries for our clients.
  2. Abisko is situated within a stone’s throw of the border with Norway and its glorious fjords and leading Northern lights destinations of Tromso and the Lofoten Islands. The combination of Abisko, which is based in the highest mountain range in Sweden and the dramatic coastal landscapes of Norway makes for a truly spectacular journey and as we are seeing more and more clients doing multi destination journeys in Lapland we firmly believe that the combination of Arctic Norway and Sweden is compelling.
  3. Lapland is seen as a safe destination and as such while a lot of Europe is suffering from terrorism on an unprecedented scale there is a lot of attraction in venturing to ‘safe’ destinations. Lapland, which conjures up images of Huskies, Reindeer, Santa and the Northern Lights, is beginning to see growth in travellers journeying during the summer and autumn months to experience one of Europe’s last great wilderness locations. Abisko offers mountains, lakes, hiking, Heli fishing, photography courses, self-drive exploration and so much more.

Our winter northern lights holiday programme to Abisko is selling out fast so book now to experience one of the world’s top northern lights destinations.

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