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What have we all missed most over the last year?

For all of us I’m sure the first answer is family and friends.

I’ve missed the spontaneous hugs and impromptu low key gatherings, the support and love that comes from those close to you. I have missed important milestones that I wanted to celebrate with my close friends and family: My nieces wedding due to limited numbers, a friends 50th birthday celebration, and yes a funeral which was limited again by numbers.

The scars of Covid have scarred everyone to a lesser of greater extent. 

So as the vaccination programme is rolled out we can hope and dream again. Travel comes high on the list of experiences I can’t wait to do again. Experiencing  the people, culture, climate, landscapes and unusual activities that other countries offer refreshes and rejuvenates my soul. I love new experiences and seeing how different people live. I love new vistas of landscapes so very different to those near to me, doing activities that I would never have the chance to do in the UK, and learning about the history and geography of each country.

To combine those yearnings to travel with reconnecting with family and friends is even more an exciting a prospect. That’s where we can help! We have a number of retreats in Swedish Lapland and Iceland where you can experience a private northern lights holiday! Enjoy your own private accommodation in a small lodge or cabin. Whilst our activities rarely have more than 8 people on, private tours on many of the activities  are also available for those who would feel more comfortable that way.

Swedish Lapland and Iceland have both had very low Covid numbers, and the wild remote nature of these destinations will reassure those nervous about venturing out after the pandemic has passed. So our recommendation is to reconnect with your family or friends through the thrill of travelling with them again in about as low a risk environment as we can see.

Imagine sharing activities  such as Snowmobiling, Volcanic SuperJeep Tours, Husky Sledding, Whale Watching  and Ice Cave Visits with the Northern Lights! What an amazing way to reunite and catch up on lost time and lost moments with special people.

We are taking bookings for travel from Oct 2021 onwards for Iceland, and mid December 2021 for Sweden, and our private accommodation is filling up fast so if this idea appeals do contact Weekend a La Carte Aurora Nights on 01722 744695 or for an example of what we can offer take a look at our  private family or friends special occasion break at Pine Bay lodge in the amazing Lulea Archipelago in Swedish Lapland

or our Wilderness Cabin Northern Light break in Iceland

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