Visit the new Lava Centre in Iceland on your Northern Lights Trip

3 min
February 15, 2018

She need not have worried as the Lava Centre is an interactive exhibition with plenty of technical magic to enthral the youth, and snippets of facts to educate those who want to learn more. It describes and explains in a really engaging and informative way volcanic activity and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. It really is excellent and the whole family spent a fruitful hour and a half there.

Located only 10 mins drive from Hotel Ranga we recommend to all our clients staying there they fit in a visit to the Lava centre to bring to life the stunning landscape that they are seeing all around them. More of the mountains around you are volcanoes than you think!

Hotel Ranga is a super 4 star hotel, but what makes it special is the teams desire to make sure that you have an exceptional time. They know you are here to see the Northern Lights and offer a wake up call for those that don’t want to miss the lights sleeping! There are some great photos of people in their pj’s watching the Aurora! Their restaurant is of a superb standard, and many a person has enjoyed the Northern Lights whilst in one of their hot tubs. To see one of the many Northern Lights breaks we offer staying at Hotel Ranga

We love this area for its incredible super-jeep adventures where you can fjord rivers, drive up volcanoes onto glaciers, go ice hiking or snowmobiling, and know that Hotel Ranga hasn’t gained the reputation of being THE place to see Northern Lights in Iceland for nothing!

We also work with another smaller hotel in the same area which is perfect for those on a tighter budget. Situated on a family working farm Hotel Fljótshlíð, Smáratún farm comprises around 300 hectares, and is in an isolated area great for Northern Lights with no artificial lights around to spoil the show. Around 30 cattle, 30 horses, chicken, ducks, rabbits, goats and 80 sheep, all of which are free-range are kept at the farm. Berries, turnips and potatoes are also grown at the farm, and all of the farm products are used in the hotel´s restaurant.

This is a great value offering and is perfect for those on a tight budget but still looking for a tailor-made solution with a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights, and also undertaking some of the amazing activities on offer in this area. To see one of the Northern Lights Trips we offer staying at Hotel Fljótshlíð, Smáratún farm.

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