Sapmi Nature Camp in Swedish Lapland is run by Lennart

3 min
May 5, 2018

Lennart runs Sapmi Nature Camp which consists of 5 traditional Sami Lavu (Tepee) adjacent to the Laponia National Park in Swedish Lapland, or as Lennart rightly calls it “Sapmi”. This pristine wilderness has been home to Lennart’s family for countless generations and his brother still manages the Reindeer herd which are allowed to roam the grassland expanse of the reserve.

Proud of his heritage, and concerned about preserving it for future generations Lennart, will share his insights on the history and future direction of the Sami People, as well as the challenges they face, not least from Climate Change which is affecting the Reindeer herd.

This is a real experience, so if you are interested in gaining deeper insights into the life of the Sami People and their history which can be traced back thousands of years in the region then a stay at Sapmi Nature Camp is a must!

We set a challenge that you will no longer refer to Swedish Lapland upon your return from a stay with Lennart, as he will have introduced you to the correct and historic name of Sapmi to cover the indigenous people’s links to this remote part of the world.

If you would like to experience Lennart’s unique camp then our autumn fly drive programmes will allow you to experience this beautiful region in the Fall.

Kevin meeting Lennart at Sapmi Nature Camp and Lennart ‘stretching out’ in the wilderness around the camp!

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