Petri Tuominen - Private Guide & Host in Kiruna

3 min
December 5, 2017

Petri was setting up his own business in the tourist industry and was brimming with enthusiasm for the experiences that he could provide. That winter I went up to meet him, stay at the Ice Hotel and meet some of the guides and partners he was working with –many of whom we still work with today!

We designed our first Northern Lights holiday (this is well before this kind of break became what it is today) and in no time it grew to become our largest selling break. From humble beginnings and with Petri’s insights we have continued to grow our presence throughout the region.

Petri now enjoys meeting and greeting our clients and private guiding them where this level of service is required. If you choose our VIP Ice Hotel break it will be Petri who will be your private guide.

Petri is one of the most talented individuals I have met. Like so many who live in this part of the world they can put their hand to many things! There are few jobs that last the whole year so you need to be creative! Whether it’s looking after our clients, creating mine equipment during his summer job, creating suites for the IceHotel, writing plays and amazing poetry in English, playing in the local rock band or mixing music in his studio his creative juices never stop flowing !

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