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Multi Country Northern Lights Holidays

When we first started offering our clients Northern Lights Holidays 15 years ago almost all our clients would venture into the arctic for a standard 3 night break and the return home having done a husky ride a snowmobile trip and hopefully seen the Northern Lights.

In these early days logistics were a challenge on the ground but as the market has grown so has the investment in the infrastructure and thus the opportunities we have available to create amazing journeys for our clients. In fact I would say this is a speciality of ours along with the numerous special occasion holidays we organise for our clients.

So from the humble 3 night Northern Lights holiday of 15 years ago we now offer journeys that last up to close on 2 weeks and cross the borders of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Greenland. Each of these countries offers something fresh. Iceland the geothermal wonders, Norway the Coast and Fjords, Greenland the remoteness, culture and Icebergs whilst Sweden, in our view, offers the perfect base for clients wishing to partake of some of the best snowmobile and husky adventures as well as the opportunity of staying in unusual places like the Original ICE HOTEL or Tree Hotel. Sweden is also home to Abisko arguably the world’s top destination for witnessing the Northern Lights.

If you were to ask me which breaks I am most proud of that offer clients the very best of arctic adventure and should be put on the bucket list, then I would point you in the direction of our epic multi country breaks:

  1. The Iceland and IceHotel Northern Lights Break – This 9 night break affords the luxury of staying at Hotel Ranga, Iceland’s premier Northern Light lodge with days filled with adventure before heading to Swedish Lapland via Stockholm to experience the original ICEHOTEL and the best arctic experiences.
  2. Iceland, Norway and Sweden – A 10 night Northern Lights Holiday that runs through the Autumn and winter months and combines the highlights of the Arctic countries
  3. The Aurora Addicts Break – This 6 night break, unique to The Adventure Tour Company Aurora Nights, takes you on a journey from Abisko, the Northern Lights Capital, to Tromso via historic Narvik.

As flight, train, bus and transfer services improved the possibilities for moving around in the arctic will increase and offer even more choice. We will remain at the forefront of developing this with our aim of offering our clients the best Northern Lights holidays imaginable.

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