Ice Fishing on the frozen Tornetrask Lake in Abisko

3 min
March 3, 2022

That’s when the fun began! Drilling into the ice is no easy task but the guides out there are experts and quickly made light work of it, as well as encouraging us to join in with drilling. We chose our spots and gathered our lines and sat on reindeer covered chairs waiting for the fish’s nibble! Sitting there listening to the silence of the lake and just taking in my surroundings was probably my favourite part of the day, and infact of my whole Northern Lights Trip.

In the Arctic winter during the Northern Lights Season Sweden has this remarkable sky of vivid pinks, purples, and blues which I truly don’t think you get anywhere else in the world. It’s spectacular, and sitting there with my arctic gear on and fishing line in hand taking in the vast expanse of the wilderness was so calming and peaceful. A wonderful day before the evening activity of hunting the Northern Lights.

It does get cold out there, but a nice little wooden hut had been brought onto the lake with skis which had a roaring fire inside. It was the perfect combination as when we wanted a little lunch we could all bundle into the hut and eat some delicious reindeer stew which warms the cockles of your heart and warm up a little, before heading back out to catch some fish! Unfortunately, despite a few nibbles on our lines and yells of excitement, we didn’t manage to catch any fish. But the atmosphere and the experience for me was much more important and positively miraculous. It was a really special day and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is considering it as part of their Northern Lights Holiday because it really is a wonderful few hours out on the ice.

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