Coronavirus Policy Iceland

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June 17, 2020

The sparse population and wilderness nature of Iceland makes ‘social distancing’ the norm going forwards.

All of our suppliers have put into place new hygiene procedures to ensure regular antibacterial cleansing is done in between tours and transfers. In hotels sanitizing of high touch areas have been increased, and tables, chairs and menus are sanitized in-between sittings. New hand sanitizing stations are being introduced where necessary and as in the UK, everyone is frequently washing their hands.

One of our most popular breaks in Iceland is the private wilderness cabin break we offer which you have exclusively to yourselves which may be even more appealing to you at the moment. Car hire is private to you and on all of the SuperJeep Tours you spend plenty of time outside where the risk is lower.

However we do appreciate that we need to do more than to just reassure you so here are further measures we are implementing to give you confidence to book.

Reducing the Risk to you when making a booking

To give you peace of mind for new bookings from June 2020 we have updated our terms and conditions to give you more flexibility and to book with a smaller deposit amount.

  1. Deposit is now reduced to 25% of the value of the Booking . Final Payment of 75% due 60 days before travel. You need to be travelling on IcelandAir for us to offer this. If flying with EasyJet, BA or Jet 2 the deposit will be 50%
  2. Until the second payment you can change your holiday date at no cost* if Coronavirus related health concerns are resulting in lockdown or entry quarantine by local authorities in the end destination you are visiting, or official lockdown in your region. Please note in order to offer this you would need to be flying with Iceland Air which is the main airline we use to Iceland and flies from LHR, LGW, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin.
  3. Until 7 days before you can change the date of your ground arrangements at no cost * if Coronavirus health concerns are resulting in lockdown or entry quarantine by local authorities in the end destination you are visiting, or official lockdown in your region.

    We may be able to move your flights to a new date depending on the airline policy, and there may be an airfare cost difference. If your flight is cancelled the value will be carried forward to the new date. If your flight departs then there will be a lost cost that will be determined at the time, and that would be the only cost of delaying a trip.

    Please note there are a very few breaks that are exceptions to these terms and we will advise you at time of enquiry.(eg. Breaks including a stay at the Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel)

  4. Recommended Travel Insurance Company that covers many of the risks associated with Covid affecting your trip – such as being diagnosed with Covid, or being put in quarantine by Track and Trace. Campbell Irvine on 0207 938 1734. Aurora Nights is a introducer appointed representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
    1. *Please note with all postponements due to Covid we would move your holiday to agreed new dates provided the cost period is equivalent. (So you can’t change from March to New Year or Jan to Sept for example, and any airfare difference would be an extra charge if more or a refund if less). Please note if you change your travel date for any other reason then our normal terms and conditions apply.

      Please note there are a very few breaks that are exceptions to these terms and we will advise you at time of enquiry

      We Step in and help you if you have problems abroad

      We track all of your flights and will know about any issues before you do which enables us to help you. We had lovely feedback about how we helped people who were travelling when the Coronavirus struck and as borders were being shut down, as we re-arranged their itineraries so that they could still fulfil their holiday dreams and get home safely. We are very proud that none of our clients got stuck abroad . Here are just 3 examples of the lovely feed-back we received from people affected.

      Flying to Iceland

      The airports have put in new procedures to ensure multiple daily sterilisation procedures of all areas with specific focus on high touch areas such as trolleys, check ins, bathrooms, doorknobs and handrails to mention a few.

      IcelandAir have put into place procedures to keep you safe from infection. It is worth noting that on a flight air is replaced every 2-3 minutes as it passes through a series of filters 20-30 times per hour. The HEPA filters on board mean the air on board is better than in an office environment. The following surfaces are specifically disinfected before you board: screens, seat belts and buckles, tray tables, arm rests and window shades, light switches and air circulation controls, head rests, overhead lockers, as well of course as the restrooms. You will need to wear Masks at airport and on the flight. The crew will also be wearing masks and you will be asked to take your seat immediately and not to move around during the flight. Only ONE hand luggage is allowed .

      For advice on Covid Border Requirements please see our blog.

      Then you are free to enjoy the Holiday of a lifetime exploring the wilderness of Iceland and hunting out the Northern Lights.

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