Autumn Abisko and Tree Hotel

3 min
October 11, 2019

Arriving at Tree hotel we were greeted warmly and told all about the concept design and build of the wonderful cabins in the trees – a fascinating story and then were shown to our accommodation.

We trekked a short way through the woods, and then across a small meadow, past the vegetable patch up in to the forest, and then you suddenly see the mirror cube with superb reflections of the valley and forest. Venturing further we saw all of the amazing rooms that Tree Hotel offers, including the zany UFO and the Blue cone which is red! The luggage arrived as we were shown into the rooms, which was a real treat that you would not expect in such a location!

It was an absolute privilege to stay at Tree Hotel this Autumn (2019) – the spectacular colours of the deciduous trees was wonderful and waking up in the morning with the birds was very special.

The view from the Dragonfly was enchanting and great fun with all of the different aspects from the windows, across the valley and into the trees, but we were dragged away to indulge in some amazing food before we were allowed to snuggle up for the night. And what a superb meal – served in the Pensionatte, which is a converted old people’s home. Starting with soup and lovely fresh baked bread, (the best I have ever tasted), we were treated to a 3 course meal served with courtesy and a real passion to impress and satisfy in every way.

Later, I peeked out of the bedroom window of the Dragonfly, the moon was shining, but it was quite cloudy and, sadly, the Northern lights did not want to play, so I drew the blinds and had a very comfortable nights sleep in my tree house retreat.

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