Arctic Bath Spa Hotel Sweden

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March 9, 2020

The Arctic Bath Spa Hotel is situated on the Lule river around 1 hour from Lulea airport, which from the winter of 2020 will be served by direct flights from London Stansted. The nearest hamlet is Harads which is home to the now world famous TREE HOTEL and offers a wonderful complement to a stay at the Arctic Bath.

The inspiration for the Arctic Bath is drawn from the days when logs were floated down the river to the mill or port for processing and is a reminder of the historic role the magnificent surrounding forests once played in the livelihoods of the local population.

This floating Spa is a design masterpiece and looks like a giant doughnut when filmed from the air. Arched around the cold plunge pool are saunas and treatment rooms along with the restaurant which serves fabulous delicacies sourced sustainably and inspired by the Indigenous Sámi culture and feature traditional recipes and local products.

Guests are also given a pack of Kerstin Florian products, robes and swimsuits in so that you can carry out a spa ritual alone. From sauna to steam, shower to stream, you can take your time, soaking up the unique atmosphere and let time slip by as you lose yourself in the pursuit of mindful wellness.

Accommodation is ether set on the river or on the river bank.

Floating cabins: a double room floating on the river connected to the shore by a walkway with its own wooden decking. The room includes queen size bed, pellet heating fire, mini bar, spa bar, en suite shower and toilet and wifi.

Arctic Bath Land room – Situated on the river bank and set on stilts with a private deck. These split level rooms house a queen bed in the loft and a spacious living room on the ground level. The ensuite bathroom has a bathtub and shower.

Arctic Bath Land Suite – Larger cabin in the configuration of the room above but with 3 bed in the loft and and a Kingsize bed on the ground level.

There is a good selection of spa therapies which can booked on the spot or in advance (recommended)

Spa Treatments at the Arctic Bath

Facial Treatment – Rejuvenate the skin with an Ancient Art of Gua Sha combined with selected Kerstin Florian products for a visibly firm, contoured and glowing complexion. Expert massage techniques with specialized Jade tools stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, improve circulation and enhance natural hydration while botanical essences nourish, replenish and fortify skin. Tension is released, puffiness is reduced, and clarity is enhanced, leaving the face, neck and décolleté visibly smoother, tighter and more radiant. For all skin types.

Timmerbäck – Inhale the calming, balancing benefits of wild lavender as you relax and enjoy a rejuvenating scrub, a warm cocooning wrap and a full body massage. Let lavender´s healing and warming properties invigorate and nourish in this pampering head-to-toe experience with total massage application including head, neck and foot massage.

Full body and Facial Treatment – Go with the flow treatment combining both gentle and stimulating motions to relieve muscle tension and heightened sense of relaxation for your body and face. A full body purifying dry brush to exfoliate and leave the skin soft and ready for a nourishing Algae wrap on your back, followed by a face cleansing, facial mask and a stimulating deep tissue body massage.


  • Swedish Classic Massage – Intensive treatment for tired and stiff muscles. In consultation with your therapist, the treatment is adapted to your own needs and problem areas combined with stretching and rocking
  • Mindfulness Massage – A total experience for body and mind. Total presence combined with the power of pure essential oils with a specific massage technique to ease away the jet-lag or the day´s effort to bring yourself back to mindfulness
  • Stone Massage – A relaxing body massage where both ancient and modern cultures meet. Oils, ”healing stones” and jojk have been used by the Sami people in the north for thousands of years to protect the body and soul.

Finally the Arctic bath is right in the aurora belt so don’t be surprised if the skies above you light up with the flickering bands of green of the northern lights

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